Parking Regulations & Times

Edinburgh's Parking Wardens are almost German with their efficiency and the parking regulations can be confusing.

Carefully check the parking restrictions signpost and be aware that the restrictions are often different on opposite sides of the road.

Single-yellow line outside the shop:

Time Mon-Fri Sat Sun
Before 0800 Parking Parking Parking
0800 - 0915 No Stopping Loading Only
0915 - 1330 Loading Only
1330 - 1630 Parking
1630 - 1800 No Stopping
After 1800 Parking


  1. You are allowed to load for 30 minutes  on the single-yellow line outside the shop but Parking Attendants will issue a ticket if they do not observe any activity for five minutes.
  2. Parking Attendants will issue an 'instant ticket' during peak hours (No Stopping) even if you're clearly loading and not causing an obstruction to the flow of other traffic.
  3. Some Parking Attendants go around on scooters so even if you can't see one in the distance, one could stealthily scoot up at any minute

Parking bays (pay parking):

There are pay parking bays on Bruntsfield Place and the side streets.  Be careful not to park in Residents Only bays unless you have a permit. You are not allowed to park in the parking bays on Bruntsfield Place during peak hours (including those recessed from the road) and your vehicle will get towed away.

Between 16:30 - 18:00 weekdays, six parking wardens are often seen swarming around cars parked in Bruntsfield Place's 'parking (apart from during peak hours) bays'. Why you're not allowed to park when they're recessed from the road is a mystery, but that's the law at the moment.

For further information, visit the City of Edinburgh Council's Parking webpage.