Baking Guide - Full of Flavour

The Guardian guide series © The Guardian, Saturday November 24, 2007

Full of flavour

Falko Burkert: I started making bread three years ago at a farmers' market. I wanted to open a Konditorei, and so I started making cakes to gauge the reaction. The bread on the stall became so popular that we started to sell out, and I opened my first shop in Edinburgh last year. Bread is very addictive. I can live without alcohol, but I can't live without bread. Often when I go to restaurants, my friends get embarrassed because I always ask for more bread. Eating bread is part of my southern German mentality; as in France and Spain, we always eat it before and with meals. My favourite bread is a dark rye bread I grew up with. The British are not so keen on it, because it has a different flavour and texture, a lot tougher, but it also lasts longer and I love it.

· Falko Burkert, who runs two bakeries in Scotland, won Observer Food Monthly's best producer award 2007 (

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